Restore Your Natural Gumline

By Howard Glassman, D.D.S.


Howard Glassman, DDS, has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Orange County, California for over 24 years.

Normally, gums grow up between every tooth to form a little point, called the papilla. One common problem with adults is gum recession on the front teeth. This can be the result of simple aging, restorative work, such as crowns, gum disease, periodontal surgery. Also, it can result from straightening crooked teeth with braces.

In any case, this malady can leave what’s commonly referred to as those “black triangles” where the papilla has receded and now leaves an open space up by the gums between the two affected teeth. It can occur in a few areas or all along the front teeth. This can be unsightly and well as catching food and causing other problems.

There has never been any known way to re-grow gums back up into these areas. Some improvements have been attempted by grafting on gum tissue from the palate, but these usually just receded away again and were pretty much a failure. If anyone can discover a way to really grow healthy gum tissue back up into a receded area like this, you’ll be an instant multi-millionaire!

But wait! There’s always something new in dental land. No, it’s not that anyone has finally made that discovery. There’s still no way to re-grow gums BUT, now there’s a way to replace them that looks just like the real thing! It’s called the “Gingi-Mol” and here’s how it works.

A special type of impression is made of your teeth showing all the open spaces. A color guide is used to reproduce the shade and color of your gums. In the dental laboratory, a thin sheet of soft rubbery acrylic is made that fits over the gum line area of your front teeth and fills in those “black triangles” where the papilla is gone. It covers the gum area and as much tooth as is needed to give the appearance of a perfect gum line.

When in place, it really does look just like a perfect movie star gum line. It stays on by just pressing it into place and it snaps into the open spaces.  It can be worn during all normal activities, including eating, (kissing!), or swimming. There is one minor drawback however. Simply because of the nature of the material, it doesn’t last that long. Every year or so it wears out and has to be replaced. One solution to this is to make two at the same time (costs less this way also) so you always have a spare ready to go.

In any case, the Gingi-Mol! Another dental problem solved.

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